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GovLaw Summer School

It’s Summer School, but “funner”!

Over a one week period, Troy DeSouza will be visiting the beautiful cities of  WhistlerPrince George, and Fort St. John to present Getting to Compliance, a three-hour course, at each location that outlines the options available to local governments to achieve bylaw compliance and to save on legal fees by learning the most cost-effective options for enforcement.

Getting to Compliance will cover the following topics:

  • Voluntary Compliance: Education and Persuasion
  • Right of Entry: Inspections and Search Warrants
  • Direct Enforcement: Staff Options
  • Remedial Action: Council/Board Options
  • Dispute Adjudication: Bylaw Notice Tribunal
  • Courts: Provincial Court and Supreme Court

Download this PDF to find out more information about course registration. We look forward to seeing you on the road this July!

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