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Langford seeks injunction against Devil’s Army Motorcycle Club

Troy DeSouza, lawyer for the City of Langford, was interviewed by CHEK News regarding an injunction the city is seeing against the Devil’s Army Motorcycle Club.

From the CHEK News website:

Langford Mayor Stew Young says residents don’t want the clubhouse on Spencer Road and many of them have contacted City Hall

The city doesn’t think the clubhouse, which police say is affiliated with the Hells Angels, can operate there.

It has filed an injunction in BC Supreme Court to evict the club from the property.

The injunction says the property is zoned for office use and not for clubhouse purposes.

Mayor Young says, “Whether they’re a biker gang or not they basically came into town and bought a property and did a renovation without permits, no notification to our staff at all, then we looked at their zoning and you can’t have 50-100 people like there was there on the weekend.”

The city’s lawyer, Troy de Souza adds, “We are very early in the process…we are still awaiting official legal response from the other side so we should hopefully get that by the end of next week and we will have a good ideas as to how we are going to proceed.”

De Souza adds this court action only has to do with city-zoning and that it is purely a civil matter.

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