We are experts in government. But don’t take our word for it.

“…in Victoria, [the Province] took almost 9 months to get [its tent city] injunction…The injunction issued here for Duncan took about 8 days…”
Source: CHEK Evening News Broadcast, April 20, 2017.

Our areas of services and expertise include:


  • Prosecutions, including regulations compliance and criminal prosecutions
  • Civil litigation, including:
    • Statutory and Common Law injunctions
    • Liabilities
  • Administrative Tribunal Proceedings, including:
    • Environmental Appeal Board
  • Dangerous Dogs applications
  • Appeals
  • Compliance Litigation

Educational courses and training

Course Duration
Injunction Junction (civil injunctions) 1 Day
Getting to Compliance (compliance options) 1 Day
Remedy This (property compliance) 1 Day
Bite Back (noisy and dangerous dogs) 1 Day
Night Court (bylaw notice tribunal) 1 Day
Prosecute This (ticket prosecutions) 1 Day + Homework
Prosecute This 2 (advanced bylaw enforcement) 1 Day
Occupy This (tent cities and offenders) 1 Day


  • Bylaw drafting
    • Amendments
    • Bylaw reform
    • Interpretation
  • Freedom of information and protection of privacy
  • Land-use
    • Zoning
  • Public and private partnering
  • Risk management
  • Tax
    • Tax sales
    • Property assessment