GovLaw’s Movie Ticket Sweepstakes

Thank you to everyone who entered the Sweepstakes.
The contest is now closed.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Below are the winners for both the Victoria and West Kelowna Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. All winners have been contacted by email.

Victoria Winners:

Mariana Ardeleanu
Kevin Atkinson
Lorne Fletcher
Haylee Gould
Mark Groulx
Rachel Hastings
Coral Henderson
Daniel Jones
Anthony Manning
Rob Martin
Garry McHady
Medea Mills
Brent Molnar
Francis Rawlings
Michelle Orsetti
Jim Palm
Wally Taylor
Mary Jo Van Order
Ken Williams

West Kelowna Winners:

Roza Aylwin
Leslie Ballan
Mike Cain
Lee Eliott
Geoffrey Gaucher
Ken Kunka
Brandy Rafuse

We look forward to seeing you in a galaxy far, far away…
or at least in Victoria or West Kelowna!

May the force be with you and
your local government, always!

Disclaimer: Please note this is a movie ticket promotion to thank hard-working public servants in local government. GovLaw has no affiliation with Disney or Lucasfilm. We are just huge Star Wars fans!!!